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Jesse's drawing of Karl, that Karl helped him with and Jesse's art teacher refused to hang on the wall

Welcome to the @DadBoner Wiki!Edit

You've found the Wiki page dedicated to Karl Welzein, you guys. Home of rockin' ponies, Pizza Ships, and bold flavors.

Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys!

About DadBonerEdit

DadBoner is a twitter account portraying Karl Welzein, a middle aged man from Grand Blanc, Michigan. He craves the bold flavors of processed foods, top shelf margaritas, and gets his life sorted out on the toilet.

Karl is getting divorced from his ex-wife Ann, the two have three children a son and two daughters, Karl is generally disappointed in his son and describes his him as "more plain than a mayonaise sandwich."

Karl currently lives with his buddy Dave. Dave is a real corncob.

On October 4th, 2010 Karl suffered a mild heart attack and crashed his Cherokee into a parked car. He parlayed this into staying with Ann and the kids. Karl took a 26 day hiatus from twitter after this very scary medical scare.

Latest activityEdit

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